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My 14 Gallon Planted Biocube My 50 Gallon Planted Tank
                        14 Gallon Planted Biocube

This Biocube was created to mimic pure nature with a messy overgrown scape, as such unlike the neat Iwagumi style
the goal is to have a high tech low maintenance setup and let nature take its course. Very little thought process
went into planting besides the basic foreground/background separation then it's hands off and let the plants fill
in naturally.

Due to time constraint, the maintenance requirements are to be no more than 10 minutes every 2 weeks max, which is
the reason I went with this easy layout - biweekly topoff and nutrient(macro/micro) dosing, monthly 10% water change
and trimming. Everything else is automated.

  • Dwarf Sag (Sagittaria subulata)
  • Anubias Nana
  • Rotala Rotundifolia
  • REMOVED:Ludwigia Repens (although the red leaves created nice contrast, the plant just grew too fast
    and also developed unsightly massive roots everywhere, at the end not worth the trouble)

NOTE: This tank is very overstocked and copying such high bioload is discouraged
  • 24x Zebra Danio (Glofish: red, yellow, and green)
  • 4x Cardinal Tetra
  • 2x True SAE(secondary algae control)
  • 5x Nerite Snail(primary algae control)
  • 25x+ Cherry Red Shrimp(secondary algae control)

  • Oceanic Biocube 14 Aquarium
  • 48w 10,000K Daylight Bulb + 2x Coralife Digital Power Center Auto Timer
  • Marineland 75W Stealth Pro Heater
  • 5lb Aluminum CO2 Canister + Azoo Regulator(2 bubbles/sec)
  • CAL AQUA "Double Check" Drop Checker + Bubble Counter
  • Modified Hagen Elite Mini CO2 Reactor
  • 2x Mopani Driftwood
  • Eco-complete Substrate
  • Tropica Plant Nutrition+ (note: this product is not sold in the US, i had to order it overseas from UK,
    the advantage over Seachem is it has everything(NPK+Iron+Micro) in 1 bottle versus 5 separate bottles, saving maintenance time.

Updated 2010/02/28!

(WARNING: Eco-complete may increase ph level signifcantly during the initial 4 weeks, left vial is after Eco-complete, right vial is before)

Day 1 Initial Planting: 2009/12/04